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Environmental impact analysis software

resilio tech.
resilio tech.

Environmental impact analysis software

Training to raise collaborator awareness of digital sobriety

resilio academy.
resilio tech.

Training to raise collaborator awareness of digital sobriety

Align the materiality of your Green IT KPIs with your ESG Strategy

resilio consulting.
resilio tech.

Align the materiality of your Green IT KPIs with your ESG Strategy

Follow these steps to become a digital sustainable company and reduce cost caused by digital overuse


Firstly, understand the importance of digital pollution and raise awareness of it among your company, with the help of Resilio Academy.


Once the digitally sustainable attitude has been adopted, Resilio Tech can help you measure your digital sustainability level and detect the improvement gaps of your company.


Lastly, Resilio Consulting can help you in your transition towards a digitally sustainable culture, saving costs and improving your operations.

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The most accurate and easy to operate environmental impact analysis software

Resilio Academy

We offer you several trainings to understand the impact of your digital activities, not only upon the environment, but also upon society and ethics!

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Working with the Resilio team for the evaluation of the environmental impact of our digital activities was excellent, thanks to the synergy between Frederic Bordage’s expertise on one hand and the professionalism and vivacity of the EPFL Students on the other hand – a perfect equilibrium!


– Alain B.

The training exceeded my expectations. Through the shared educational content and Céline’s inputs, I had a real awareness of the impact of digital on the environmental, social and economic footprint. I learned a lot of things. The group exercises or simulations energized the training and made it possible to touch the subject in a concrete way. Celine was a great trainer! Very dynamic, benevolent, inspiring! And she prepared us very well for the certification. Thanks again Celine 😊

– Emmanuelle L.

Overall Customer Satisfaction