Training & awareness


Become an actor of the digital transition with our training and digital responsibility sensibilization workshops.

Why Resilio Academy ?

Because the transition won’t be accomplished unless you have a committed and trained team :

Train your team

One of the basics for the Green IT transition is training the team in charge of this transition.

Expand your horizon

We offer you several formats to understand the impact of your digital activities, not only upon the environment, but also upon society and ethics!

Responsible Digital Training

We will guide you throughout the whole process, so that you can have all the tools you need for your digitally responsible transition.

Develop our content and formats, together with our experts and the GreenIT.fr community. Enriched with the collaboration of many organisations of many sizes and sectors, it is completely adaptable to your constraints.

Responsible Digital Training

Green IT: Make it works


2.5 certifying days or 1 non-certifying day


To be able to lead or contribute to the responsible digital approach of your organization, and design a responsible digital action plan.


  • Understand the responsible digital context and master the basics of the approach.
  • Master the tools and fundamental knowledge on the subject.
  • Understand what a digital service is and the actions to be taken from the design stage.
  • Understand the main stages of a responsible digital approach and build a Green IT action plan adapted to the organization.

Responsible IT Purchasing Training

IT: Towards Responsible + Purchasing


1 non-certifying day


Know the basic concepts and tools to guide your organization’s IT purchases towards more responsible digital technology.


  • Understand the responsible digital context and the foundations of the responsible digital approach
  • Know the fundamental tools and concepts on the subject
  • List the regulations and standards of your country in terms of responsible digital technology
  • Know the tools for implementing a responsible purchasing approach
  • Know how to initiate and follow a responsible IT purchasing action plan

Other Trainings

Eco-design workshop


½ day non-certifying


  • Understand the responsible digital context, the keys to eco-design
  • Understand the basics of the eco-design approach and its impacts
  • Know the tools for implementing eco-design in the web domain: the V4 repository of 115 good practices, the GreenIT Analysis extension
  • Build an individual action plan and a collective action plan to reduce the environmental impact of digital technology in the organization on a daily basis

Responsible digital awareness


Because it is impossible to succeed in a Green IT approach without users, gaining their support is the key!

Workshop: La Fresque du Numérique

A fun and collaborative 3-hour workshop with a pedagogical approach similar to that of “La Fresque du Climat”. The aim of this “serious game” is to raise awareness and train participants in digital environmental issues.

The workshop also aims to explain the main lines of the actions to be put in place to evolve towards a more sustainable digital system, then to open discussions between the participants on the subject.

Responsible digital conference / webinar


Our senior speaker raises the questions of transition, sustainability and digital sobriety, during an engaging internal event for employees “What are the impacts of our digital systems on our environment? How to combine ecological transition and digital transformation? How to act effectively at the individual level and at the level of an organization? »

The objective is to provide an initial understanding of the impacts, levels of complexity and solutions to consider in order to initiate a Responsible Digital approach in one’s organization.

Other events and demonstrations

We are at your disposal for all your events:

  • Responsible digital week
  • European Sustainable Development Weeks
  • Workshop for the collection of electrical and electronic waste

Our coaches

Céline Carle Faye

  • 15 years of experience in digital strategy, with large multinational companies and start-ups.
  • Certified “Green IT State of the Art” and “Eco-design of Digital Services” in 2020
  • Obtaining the “FSEA adult trainer” module from the Workers’ University of Geneva (UOG) in 2022
  • Professional animator of “La Fresque” du Numérique since May 2021, and local referent of “La Fresque” for Switzerland.
  • Speaker at institutions such as the Ministry of Justice in France and various French, Swiss and European organizations.
  • Accompanies large organizations in the implementation of their responsible digital strategy and the environmental audits of their information systems

Louise Aubet

  • Graduated with a Master’s degree from EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in computational sciences with a focus on environmental sciences
  • Certified “Green IT State of the Art” and “ACV” in 2021
  • Professional facilitator of the workshops “The climate fresco” and “The digital fresco”
  • Trainer of news to animators for the Fresque du Climat
  • Support organizations in the environmental audits of their information systems
  • Head of monitoring and R&D at Resilio

Client’s feedback

The training exceeded my expectations. Through the shared educational content and Céline’s inputs, I had a real awareness of the impact of digital on the environmental, social and economic footprint. I learned a lot of things. The group exercises or simulations energized the training and made it possible to touch the subject in a concrete way. Celine was a great trainer! Very dynamic, benevolent, inspiring! And she prepared us very well for the certification. Thanks again Celine 😊

– Emmanuelle L.

A pleasure to have been supported by Resilio, the whole team (eco-design and benchmark) is very available even outside the framework of the workshops. We really feel supported.

– Nicholas B.

The process of co-construction of an action plan is carried out smoothly. SWOT workshops are a great way to get ideas out of it.

– Thomas B.