What we offer


Our Services

We provide you support for your sustainable digital transition on the market. Resilio deliver Swiss quality based on our EPFL-class expertise.
Our team understands technical challenges and methodological issues. We manage them to provide a coherent and biaise-free understanding of your digital activities.

Resilio provides frameworks and impact assessment tools to the world. We believe in partnerships: consultants or digital service providers, we have tried and tested solutions, for you.



Environmental Impact Analysis


We help you to understand your digital-related environmental footprint. Our model is based on the highest scientific knowledge, a state-of-the-art database and our 15-years experience. Our multicriteria Life Cycle Analysis provides you coherent data, and a holistic view, thus avoid transfers of pollution or the greenwashing trap.


Maturity Analysis


No strategy can be started without a clear understanding of what’s at stake. We give you a complete overview of your sustainable digital maturity. From 1h-long, quick diagnosis, to a full analysis, we have multiple frameworks to help you implement good practices that minimize the IT environmental impacts.


Training & Awareness


Onboard your collaborators with conferences, workshops or 1-week challenge campaign. The Resilio team helps you to raise awareness among your staff, engaging your whole company.
CSR and IT deparments need tailor-made training to include sustainable digital in their daily work. Resilio can train your teams to State-of-the-art Green IT, eco-design and Life Cycle Analysis.


Frameworks & APIs


Consultants or software providers? We give you access to all our frameworks and APIs. Constantly updated, based on cutting-edge data and model, our solutions help you to quickly include sustainable IT in your own solutions and services.